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Coming together is a begining, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

- Henry Ford

One of the fastest growing companies and trusted brand names in the New Zealand International Education industry, we are a pioneer in promoting New Zealand as a study abroad destination. We represent all the leading institutions of New Zealand and recognised by Education New Zealand. (ENZRA)

AJV Global is in the next phase of its expansion and offering Australia, Canada, UAE and UK as destination countries for international education.


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Power of Collaboration

We at AJV Global believe truly in the Power of COLLABORATION. Together we can make a greater impact in the market and get to our goals in a creative, functional and easy way. Together we make a difference by playing to our strengths.

"They are a professional organisation with an experienced network of counsellors and have been providing us with high quality students for the university."

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

"The commitment to offer a quality service to their students is why we continue to work with AJV Global. They are a truly excellent organisation, Arun and his team have high levels of integrity , creativity and excellent communication skills. We really enjoy working with Arun and his team."

The International Travel College of New Zealand

"The agency has an experienced team, with good knowledge of New Zealand and our education system."

Southern Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Our Presence

AJV Global has a strong presence and market penetration in Asia Pacific and Pacific region covering the major market for international student mobility including India- India is the world's second-largest source of international students and one of the fastest-growing sending markets,

Career Talks

Most Successful Webiner Series

AJV Global Career Talks is a knowledge dissemination webinar series, designed primarily to guide students who are exploring international study options. The idea is simple - to connect prospective international students to experts from various institutions. We believe in providing an independent platform for prospective international students to interact with education and immigration Experts. This enables them to gain knowledge, clear their doubts firsthand to make an informed decision. Instantly connect and Access to a whole lot of information directly from experts from the comfort of their house.